Maryam Rezaei

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I’m an interdisciplinary researcher and practitioner who is passionate about translating research insights into policy and program design. I have a unique background as both a social scientist and an engineer and use a diverse set of methodologies from these fields in my research and practice. My interests and expertise follow two distinct trajectories of energy policy and (environmental) justice, which happily converge in my most recent work on experiences of energy poverty in settler and indigenous communities in Canada.

My areas of expertise include:

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Selected Publications:

Rezaei, M. (2017). “How Canada can end energy poverty and winter cut-offs.”  The Conversation.

Rezaei, M. (2017). Power to the People: Thinking (and rethinking) energy poverty in British Columbia, Canada, PhD Dissertation, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. 

Rezaei, M. & Dowlatabadi, D. (2015).  “Off-grid: Community energy and the pursuit of self-sufficiency in British Columbia’s remote and First Nations communities”.  Local Environment. 

Dowlatabadi, D. & Rezaei, M. (2013).  "Energy Demand, Efficiency and Conservation" in Robert G. Watts (Ed.) Engineering Response to Global Climate Change: Planning a Research and Development Agenda, Second Edition.  Taylor and Francis.